Olivia, <em>Gold</em>
Olivia, Gold, 185,00
Silvana, <em>Gold</em>
Silvana, Gold, 275,00
Olga dangle G, <em>Smoky quartz</em>
Olga dangle G, Smoky quartz, 218,00
Maia, <em>Gold</em>
Maia, Gold, 165,00
Egg colour S, <em>Coral</em>
Egg colour S, Coral, 104,00
Olga ear G, <em>Rock crystal</em>
Olga ear G, Rock crystal, 244,00
Line 22 hoop G, <em>Matt black</em>
Line 22 hoop G, Matt black, 68,00
Teresa, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Teresa, Gold-Coral, 340,00
Bruna egg G, <em>Smoke</em>
Bruna egg G, Smoke, 58,10
Bruna egg G, <em>Smoke</em>
Bruna egg G, Smoke, 58,10
Etel chain G, <em>Forest green</em>
Etel chain G, Forest green, 109,20
Vesna, <em>Gold</em>
Vesna, Gold, 415,00
Fayna, <em>Gold</em>
Fayna, Gold, 280,00
Antia, <em>Gold</em>
Antia, Gold, 525,00
Egg ear cuff G
Egg ear cuff G, 42,00
Egg colour G, <em>Forest green</em>
Egg colour G, Forest green, 104,00
Vera dangle S
Vera dangle S, 120,00
Olga ear G, <em>Celeste erinite</em>
Olga ear G, Celeste erinite, 244,00
Olga ear G, <em>Celeste erinite</em>
Olga ear G, Celeste erinite, 244,00
Lin, <em>Gold</em>
Lin, Gold, 205,00
Daniela, <em>Gold</em>
Daniela, Gold, 510,00
Daniela, <em>Gold</em>
Daniela, Gold, 510,00
Frida, <em>Gold-Coral</em>
Frida, Gold-Coral, 125,00
Candela, <em>Gold</em>
Candela, Gold, 235,00
Fiona, <em>Gold</em>
Fiona, Gold, 275,00
Sol, <em>Gold-Onyx</em>
Sol, Gold-Onyx, 135,00
Line 22 hoop S, <em>Vermilion</em>
Line 22 hoop S, Vermilion, 68,00
Yoko, <em>Gold</em>
Yoko, Gold, 625,00
Mirror hoop S
Mirror hoop S, 244,00
Endless short G
Endless short G, 81,00
Special Prices
Egg short G
Egg short G, 109,00
Special Prices
Reflect hoop large G
Reflect hoop large G, 122,00
Special Prices
Knot tiny G
Knot tiny G, 41,00
Special Prices
Brancusi hoop G, <em>Chocolate</em>
Brancusi hoop G, Chocolate, 72,00
Special Prices
Wassily long G, <em>Taupe</em>
Wassily long G, Taupe, 84,00
Special Prices
Brancusi totem S, <em>Praliné-black</em>
Brancusi totem S, Praliné-black, 78,00
Special Prices
Base girl S, <em>Tiger's eye</em>
Base girl S, Tiger’s eye, 112,00
Special Prices
Mirror Two S
Mirror Two S, 146,00
Special Prices
Juice bead S, <em>Mint</em>
Juice bead S, Mint, 47,00
Special Prices
Precious dangle S, <em>Mint</em>
Precious dangle S, Mint, 143,00
Special Prices
Anna sweet G
Anna sweet G, 88,00
Clara, <em>Gold-Pink quartz</em>
Clara, Gold-Pink quartz, 485,00
Egg colour G, <em>Stone grey</em>
Egg colour G, Stone grey, 104,00
Egg drop G
Egg drop G, 96,00
Fleur ear G, <em>Chrysoprase</em>
Fleur ear G, Chrysoprase, 79,80
Fleur ear S, <em>Cornelian</em>
Fleur ear S, Cornelian, 79,80
Frank ear G, <em>Orange</em>
Frank ear G, Orange, 94,50
Naoko ear G, <em>Pumpkin</em>
Naoko ear G, Pumpkin, 88,00
Olga dangle G, <em>Rock crystal</em>
Olga dangle G, Rock crystal, 218,00
Olga dangle G, <em>Rock crystal</em>
Olga dangle G, Rock crystal, 218,00
Sonia dangle G, <em>Warm</em>
Sonia dangle G, Warm, 87,50
Sonia hoop G, <em>Ebony</em>
Sonia hoop G, Ebony, 204,00
Sonia hoop G, <em>Ebony</em>
Sonia hoop G, Ebony, 204,00
Sonia stud G, <em>Talcum</em>
Sonia stud G, Talcum, 62,00
Wire oval S
Wire oval S, 160,00
Wire tiny G
Wire tiny G, 125,00
Wire tiny G
Wire tiny G, 125,00

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    Size guide for rings
    EU USA UK Circumference Diameter
    10 5 1/4 K 50 mm 15.92mm
    11 5 3/4 L 51 mm 16.23mm
    12 6 M 52 mm 16.55mm
    13 6 1/2 N 53 mm 16.87mm
    14 7 O 54 mm 17.19mm
    15 7 1/2 P 55 mm 17.51mm
    16 7 3/4 P 1/2 56 mm 17.83mm
    EU USA UK  Circumference Diameter
    17 81/4 P1/2 57 mm 18.14mm
    18 81/4 Q1/2 58 mm 18.46mm
    19 87/8 R 59 mm 18.78mm
    20 691/8 S 60 mm 19.10mm
    21 94/4 S1/2 61 mm 19.42mm
    22 10 T1/2 62 mm 19.47mm
    23 101/2 U1/2 63 mm 20.05mm
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      FW22 Woman



      Length 12 mm
      Width 13 mm